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Apple iOS 10 users - There is a known issue with the Total Boox app only allowing numeric library cards. If your library card contains alpha characters, please read this note

This innovative ebook service allows users to have an unlimited number of ebooks for as long as they like.

Content Notes
Total Boox partners with over thirty established publishers, including Lonely Planet, Berlitz, Workman, Algonquin, New World Library, Sourcebooks, Other Press, Red Wheel/Weiser, De Gruyter, O'Reilly, Berrett-Koehler, Elsevier, and F+W Media. Many more are on the horizon. New titles are added each week.

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Technical Requirements:
Amazon: All Kindle Fires, except 1st generation Kindle Fire (2011), Kindle Fire HD (2012), and HD 8.9 WAN (2012).
iOS: iPhone4 and on iPad2 and above (including the mini), iPod touch - minimum iOS 7.0.
Android: Most devices
Windows Phone: no support.
eInk readers: no support.


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Apple iOS 10 and above
The Total Boox app only allowes numeric library cards to be entered in the app. To enter a library card with alpha characters, type the card number into another app on the device, such as the Notes app. Then use the copy and paste function in iOS to copy the string from the Notes app and then paste it into the library card field when logging in to Total Boox.


Returning Books
Books never expire in Total Boox, but if you would like to remove one from your shelves: