Cloud Library - Using the PC App, Reading Online & Transfering to an eReader

Reading in the PC App (requires an Internet connection)

Clicking on a book from the My Books tab will open it in the eBook tab for reading




The menu on the top right allows you to view the detailed information about the book (lowercase i ), control the font size, search within the text and create bookmarks. Arrow indicators on the left and right allow you to page through the book.



The first time a book is opened, and there are no existing bookmarks, the square icon on the top right will appear as an empty square. To bookmark any page, click on the bookmark icon, enter any additional text and then click 'Save'.

When you are on a page that has been bookmarked already, the icon will look like a yellow post-It note as shown in the picture above.

To see all your bookmarks and notes for a particular book, click on the lowercase i from the menu options on the EBooks tab.

You can manage bookmarks from the detailed book information level or delete individual bookmarks from the page view.

Since this information is stored in the cloud, your bookmarks and notes should reappear if you ever check out the same book again.

Bookmarks created on an eReading device after transferring will not be synched with bookmarks created using the PC software.




At left is the view from the book info screen. Right click on an entry to delete the bookmark and/or note. Bookmarks automatically add a bit of text from the page bookmarked. Notes replace the auto-generated text with your own text.


Transfering to a device

To transfer to a compatible device, connect the device to your computer with the USB cable. The Cloud app will automatically recognize the eReader and it will show as a detected device in the MyBooks tab.

The green 'download to device' message appears on the cover of the book on the shelf. Click on the green button to transfer. A message will indicate that the book has been transfered. Disconnect your eReader as usual and begin reading the book.

If you switch between reading the book on the PC app and on an eReader, you should be aware that your progress will not be synched. However, if sign into your account with the iOS or Android app, then your latest progress will be synched through the Cloud.

If you have connected your device and it is not detected, you may need to use the manual transfer method.

If you get an error message that you cannot open the book once it has been transferred, make sure that your device is set to the current date and time zone. Additionally, you should check to make sure that your device has been activated with the same Adobe ID as you are using with the Cloud Library.



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