Cloud Library - Using the PC App


The PC Software has five main tabs: Featured (the default, opening screen), Browse, Search, My Books, & eBook (displays after a book has been opened for reading)


Featured Tab


The featured titles do not show the entire collection of books available to Wyoming users. These are highlighted titles in a select number of categories.

Clicking on any book on the shelf will open up a popup window with additional information about the book.

If a book is available, click on the green Borrow button to check it out. If it is not available, you can add to a hold list. You may also click on the tab to view similar books. The similar books feature may include books that are not owned in our collection. Users may create a wishlist that library staff can view to help make purchasing decisions.


Browse Tab

Categories for the Browse tab are automatically assigned by the Cloud based on publisher supplied information. Books may appear in more than one category.


Search Tab

The Search feature is a keyword search. You may choose to limit your search results to titles that are available. !Remember to change this option back if you want to see all books in the collection that match your search.


My Books Tab

The My Books tab will show all the books you have checked out and those that you have on hold in a bookshelf view.

Clicking on a ‘Currently Reading’ title will open it at the page last viewed in the EBook tab.

Clicking on the 'List View' button on the right side of the bookshelf will show the books in a list and allow you to return them with one click.

Your hold list will show below the currently reading shelf.

The Suggestion List button at the bottom of the screen will include books that you have placed on your wishlist.

The Reading History option is enabled by default, but you can elect to erase your reading history at any time.

The Message Center is for messages sent out from the administration site. This is where notifications will display if a hold is available for checkout (as well as in the My Books screen).

The Account Profile provides details about the patron’s account.


Select ‘Log Out Account’ if you need to use a different library card with this program. You may want to do this if you are sharing a computer with someone else and do not have multiple Windows user accounts.

To set up email notification of books that are available to check out from your hold list, click on the email notification tab in the My Account info and enter your email address. You will receive a confirmation email to complete the verification of your email address.



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