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Name Derivations of Wyoming Counties

From the Wyoming Historical Blue Book, pp. 1163-1170
Compiled by Statewide Information Services, Wyoming State Library

ALBANY --- Named by a former resident of Albany, New York, who was a member of the Dakota Legislature. Named before Wyoming became a territory.

BIG HORN --- Named for the Big Horn or Rocky Mountain sheep, which were numerous in that part of the country in the early days.

CAMPBELL --- Named for John A. Campbell, first governor of the territory of Wyoming. Served 1869-1875. Named also for Robert Campbell, who was with Ashley's expedition in this part of the country from 1825 to 1835.

CARBON --- Named for the vast coal beds in the county.

CONVERSE --- Named for A. R. Converse, a Cheyenne banker and stockman.

CROOK --- Named for General George Crook, soldier and Indian fighter.

FREMONT --- Named for General John Charles Fremont, pathfinder and explorer.

GOSHEN --- From the biblical "Land of Goshen", for the rich, fertile lands and plentiful water. Also said to have been named for a French trapper, Gosche.

HOT SPRINGS --- Named for hot springs at Thermopolis in that county.

JOHNSON --- Named for E. P. Johnson, a lawyer of Cheyenne.

LARAMIE --- Named for Jacques La Ramie, French-Canadian trapper, who was killed by the Indians near what was later Fort Laramie.

LINCOLN --- Named in honor of Abraham Lincoln, 16th President of the United States.

NATRONA --- Named for the natron, or soda deposits in the county.

NIOBRARA --- Takes its name from the Niobrara River. Niobrara, from the Omaha Indian language, signifies "flat" or "broad" river.

PARK --- Named for Yellowstone National Park.

PLATTE --- Takes its name from the North Platte River. Platte from the French "plate", meaning "dull" or "shallow", a term singularly applicable to this stream.

SHERIDAN --- Named in honor of General Philip Sheridan of Civil War fame.

SUBLETTE --- Named for William L. Sublette, pioneer fur trader.

SWEETWATER --- Named for Sweetwater River.

TETON --- Named for the Teton Mountains. Indians called them Tee-win-ot, three pinnacles. French trappers applied the name "Les Trois Tetons".

UINTA --- Named for the Uintah Mountains, which in turn were named for the Uintah Indians.

WASHAKIE --- Named for Chief Washakie of the Shoshoni Indian Tribe in Wyoming.

WESTON --- Named for John B. Weston, whose activities and influence brought the railroad into that section of Wyoming.


Created by Statewide Information Services, Wyoming State Library
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