GoWYLD Library Information - NoveList Plus (EBSCO) Statistics

NoveList Plus is part of the EBSCO suite of databases licensed by the State Library. More about EBSCO

New: EBSCO updated standard reports as of August 2017. With this change WSL will report EBSCO usage by Interface (e.g. Explora, EBSCO Research Databases, NoveList, etc) and also a breakdown of usage by Research Database (e.g. MasterFILE Premier, Middle Search, etc). These reports replace the 'session use' and 'database use' reports previously provided. NoveList Plus usage is included in the Interface Report

View the new EBSCO usage reports

Contact Desiree Saunders at desiree.saunders @ wyo.gov if you have any questions or would like to request a monthly report to be emailed for your library's EBSCO usage.