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Chadwyck Databases are part of the University of Wyoming's expanded Proquest contract.
These databases include the Literature Collections and History Study Center. More about Proquest.


Monthly Detail : 2018 | 2017

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Fiscal Year Sessions Searches Full Records Full Text
FY17 490,228 6,742 8,123 823
FY16 1,227,868 12,273 19,111 1,505
FY15 1,055,665 14,183 15,947 1,721
FY14 6,483 7,008 7,717 2,560
FY14 - FY17 summary




Sessions: A usage session begins when a new user starts to use the product interface, and ends when the browser they are using is closed.

Searches: A search is intended to represent a unique inquiry from a user. A search is recorded each time a search form is submitted to the product server - as such, this figure will also include refined searches, and searches resubmitted from the Search History facility. Use of the Browse facility does not constitute a search.

Full texts accessed: This figure represents full downloads of an e-text from the product database. Partial downloads are not recorded.

Full records accessed: This figure represents the number of bibliographic and / or biographical records accessed by users.


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