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GoWYLD Library Information - Vendor Contracts
The following are databases available to Wyoming citizens through contracts with the Wyoming State Library or other partnerships.

Vendor Database Start date Length of contract Next renewal Funding provided by Notes
Bibliotheca Cloud Library (eBooks) 6/30/2012 3 yrs 7/1/2018 Wyoming State Library Additional funds for content provided by Wyoming libraries.
Britannica Britannica Online 07/01/1999 1yr 06/30/2018 Wyoming State Library
EBSCO Multiple Databases 07/01/1998 1 yr 06/30/2018 Wyoming State Library
Gale National Geographic Kids 06/01/2014 1 yr 06/30/2018 Wyoming State Library
Gale Cengage Learning Gale Databases 11/16/2009 1 yr 12/14/2017 Wyoming State Library Chilton's Library and five InContext databases
Gale Cengage Learning Gale Digital Collections, Article Databases, & Archives Unbound 05/15/2009 1 yr 01/31/2018 The University of Wyoming for statewide use
Gale Cengage Learning Literature Resource Center 07/01/2004 1 yr 12/31/2017 Wyoming State Library
Hein HeinOnline 08/01/2006 1 yr 11/1/2017 The Wyoming State Law Library & the Wyoming State Library for participating public libraries only participating libraries only
Learning Express Learning Express Library 04/01/2005 3 yrs 03/31/2020 Wyoming State Library
Mango Languages Mango Languages 05/24/2010 3 yr 05/31/2019 The University of Wyoming for statewide use
OCLC Worldcat (FirstSearch) 01/01/2002 1 yr 06/30/2018 Wyoming State Library
Proquest Ancestry Library 08/01/2005 1 yr 10/1/2017 Wyoming State Library In library use only
Proquest Monthly Catalog of U.S. Government Publications 12/30/2008 1 yr 12/1/2017 Wyoming State Library
Proquest Proquest family of databases 2/01/2011 * 2/01/2020 The University of Wyoming for statewide use Proquest Obituaries, Culturegrams, PQ Central, Sanborn Maps, and more
Recorded Books RB Digital Audiobooks 12/01/2011 1 yr 03/31/2018 Wyoming State Library
Recorded Books RB Digital Magazines 10/1/2012 1 yr 3/31/2018 Wyoming State Library Some subscriptions paid for by individual libraries.
Scholastic Bookflix 01/01/2008 1 yr 12/16/2017 Wyoming State Library  
Serials Solutions Serials Solutions eJournal Portal 07/01/2006 1 yr 10/1/2017 Wyoming State Library
Total Boox Total Boox eBooks 10/1/2016 3 yrs 10/1/2019 Wyoming State Library