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GoWYLD Library Information - Cloud Library

The Cloud Library is a shared ebook collection available to all Wyoming citizens with a WYLD library card. All Wyoming libraries share the collection and titles are purchased on an ongoing basis. The collection includes bestsellers, high interest fiction, nonfiction and books for readers at all levels and ages. Additionally, a partnership with the University of Wyoming makes hundreds of audiobooks available through this service.

The Cloud Library works with both PC and Mac operating systems. Multiple types of eReaders and mobile devices also work with the service including Kindle Fire tablets (but not standard Kindles).

The Cloud Library has been available since July 2012.

The Cloud Library was rebranded in the fall of 2016 as a part of the Bibliotheca acquisition. This rebranding dropped the '3M' part of the name.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Who do we contact if a patron is having a problem with the Cloud Library?
First, make sure that the problem cannot be resolved using the help files made available on the GoWYLD site. If the user is still experiencing problems, please have them contact the State Library for assistance.

Who selects the content and manages the featured book shelves?
The WYLD Shared Purchases Committee and contributing libraries have selected the Cloud Library collection's content. Library staff from the contributing partner libraries have assisted in managing the featured books shelves.

Can our library contribute funds toward the purchase of additional content? Yes, your library can contribute! Please contact Melanie Reedy in the State Library business office for details. If you contribute funds, you may choose to create your own list of materials to purchase or you can elect to allow the Shared Purchases Committee to select content for you. In all cases, the titles purchased with funds from each library will be available to all users statewide.

Are there MARC records in WYLD for the Cloud Library titles?
MARC records are not loaded into WYLDCAT because the content is too dynamic to manage effectively. Instead, libraries can search Cloud Library content using the Enterprise Discovery Catalog which uses eResource Central to integrate search results for digital content. Patrons are also able to view their digital checkouts in the 'My Account' view.

Where are usage statistics?
Usage reports are available at http://gowyld.net/libraries/statistics/.

What happened to the 3M eReaders (PocketBook) ?
The 3M eReaders are no longer being supported by Bibliotheca.

What devices are compatible with the Cloud Library?
Apple devices (iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch), Android-based tablets and smartphones, Nooks, Sony eReaders, Kindle Fire tablets, and many more not specifically listed. Essentially, any device that can access the app directly in the Android Marketplace or the Apple App Store.

Will the Cloud Library work with Kindles?
The Cloud Library does not work with standard Kindles at this time. It will work with the Kindle Fire - see instructions here.

How many books can people check out and can they be returned early?
For answers to questions like these, please review the Cloud Library introductory page.

What is the difference between the Cloud Library and Total Boox?
Total Boox is an ebook collection that allows unlimited, simultaneous access to their entire list of titles (over 50,000) and the State Library pays for the amount of each book that is read. Total Boox is also a mobile only app. [ Read more about Total Boox ] The Cloud Library collection consists of single access titles and as much best-selling and high interest content as is possible for us to provide.