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GoWYLD Library Information - OneClickdigital Audiobooks

What is OneClick Digital?

OneClick Digital is a digital content service which gives Wyoming library users access to audiobooks and free classic ebooks through the Recorded Books company.

Content includes:

How is it funded?

The State Library funds the platform fees for OneClickDigital as well as the subscriptions to multi-user content. The State Library and several public libraries partner to provide funds for the single user licensed titles. Subscription content is updated on a monthly basis.

Learn more about OneClick Digital, including apps available, troubleshooting, and checkout limits.

Marketing Materials
RB Digital Marketing Site Posters, bookmarks and web images (for all RB Digital products, including OneClickdigital)
Recorded Books on Facebook.
The Literary Classics Online Book Club
Book Club Promotional materials

Patron Information
Frequent questions
Patron Help (OneClick site)

Recorded Books Webinar Schedule

Records in WYLDCAT
Libraries using the Enterprise catalog for WYLDCAT access will see results from the Wyoming OneClick collection using the eResource Central catalog add-on. The results when searching the digital library include real time availability for OneClick titles, the ability to place holds and check out titles. WYLD no longer adds the MARC records to the bibliographic database.

Usage statistics are available at http://gowyld.net/libraries/statistics. General use for each collection and the number of users is tracked. For individual libraries, we show the number of active users per month (based on self-reported ZIP code) and also checkouts per library also based on ZIP code information.

Links for your library's website (if you use the State Library's proxy server)

*Users do not have to log in to browse content. However, they must have an account to checkout and download files. Using the proxy server link makes sure that they will see a link to create a new account at the top of the screen when they are connecting from outside the library

If your site uses a local ezproxy server, then you should add this definition to your ezproxy configuration file:
T Recorded Books One Click Digital
U http://wyomingstatewy.oneclickdigital.com
D wyomingstatewy.oneclickdigital.com


The widget below will display the top five featured OneClick titles on any webpage - just copy this code:
<iframe src="http://featured.oneclickdigital.com/Featured/Index?libraryKey=51713690-9CB0-4441-94CA-47B506A11F31" width="125" height="379" frameborder="0"></iframe>