Setting up an Adobe ID and using Adobe Digital Editions (for reading on your computer or transferring to an eReader)

What is Adobe Digital Editions?

Library eBooks are saved with digital rights management to control the length of the checkout. In order for you to use the Cloud Library to transfer ebooks to an eReader (such as a Nook), you will need an Adobe ID and Adobe Digital Editions to unlock the digital rights. Mobile only users do not need to install Adobe Digital Editions
For in depth instructions on Adobe Digital Editions, visit the Adobe website

If you have gotten an error message that your Adobe ID has been activated on too many devices, you can request a reset here


How to get an Adobe ID

First, visit the Adobe website at http://www.adobe.com

Click on the link to sign in in the upper right corner of the screen.

Click on the link to Get an Adobe ID.

Once you have created your Adobe Account, use the search function on the Adobe website to find Adobe Digital Editions, or go to http://www.adobe.com/solutions/ebook/digital-editions.html?promoid=DTEIP. You do not need Adobe Digital Editions if you will only be using mobile apps for eBooks. However, Adobe Digital Editions is required if you will be connecting a device, like a Nook to your computer to transfer books to it.

Click on Download from the menu and then select the link to launch the installer for your platform.

After installing Digital Editions, you must authorize the program with your Adobe ID. You should be prompted to enter your ID, but if not, click on the help menu and click on authorize computer or hold down the ctrl-shift-U keys. Enter the Adobe ID email and password you created previously.


Using Adobe Digital Editions with the Cloud Library

It is important to remember that you will not need an Adobe ID or the Adobe Digital Editions software if you are using the Cloud apps on mobile devices. However, if you purchase your own content (e.g. through Amazon or Barnes & Noble) and you transfer that content to an ereader like a Nook or Kobo device, then you should authorize your computer with a personal Adobe ID. That Adobe ID should match the ID associated with your digital content from other providers. When you install the Cloud Library PC software, it will detect your personal Adobe ID and authorize the content from the library using that ID.

The recommended steps are:


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