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OneClickdigital - MacOS Instructions

I have a Mac. Can I use this service?

Visit the Mac App store to download the new OneClickdigital Media Player (for OS X 10.7 or later)

Important - After creating a new account, log out and use the returning users link. Some Mac users report being unable to browse between pages on the OneClick site. To fix this behavior, always use http://wyomingstatewy.oneclickdigital.com to access the site.

If you have an older OS version, you will need to use a manual download method and will only be able to check out unencrypted files
Contact OneClick support for assistance with manual downloads for Mac.


I have an iPad. Can I use this service?

For the best experience, download the mobile app from the App store. Mac Users can also use the Mac Media Manager or the manual download method mentioned above. Windows users can either manually download and use iTunes to synch the files to the iPad, or let the Media Manager sync the files as normal, with the iPad connected.

You can also manually download mp3 audiobooks to your Mac or PC and then use iTunes to synch them to the iPad.


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