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OneClickdigital Audiobooks - Frequent Questions.
I am having problems using OneClickdigital

Please check the known issues page and the help files on the OneClick website. If your questions are not answered by either of these resources, you should fill out the support form on the OneClick website at http://wyomingstatewy.oneclickdigital.com. Click on 'help' and then 'support'. You should receive a response and issue number. You may also call the toll-free support line at 877-77-AUDIO. Live support is available Monday through Friday, from 7:30 AM until 6:00 PM EST.


What players are supported?

A list of supported MP3 players is not currently available, but if you are having problems, please contact OneClick support. If your player is not supported for use with the Media Manager you may still use the Manual download method with Windows Media Player (PC users only) to manage file downloads and synching to devices. Please refer to these instructions for help with manual download. Mac users should contact OneClick support for assistance.


What can I check out?

For many of the books, there are no limits on the number of users who may check out materials, so items are always available. However, each user may only have 15 titles at a time. When titles are checked out, they are available to the user for 14 days. Checkouts may be renewed for an additional 14 days at any time, provided there are no holds on the title. At the end of the loan period, the file is disabled and can no longer be used (although it will remain on the device until it is manually removed). Titles can be returned early.


What is available?

Wyoming library users have access to thousands of audiobook with both multiple use allowed or single user licenses. New simultaneous use titles are added every month. Depending on funding, single use titles are also be added on a regular basis.

All titles are compatible for Windows and Mac, regardless of the encryption type.


Why haven't I heard anything about a recommendation I made?

Unfortunately, the recommendation report does not include information to identify the user who made the recommendation. If you would like to have a response, please include your name and email in the comments field of the recommendation form. Requested titles may not be available for purchase as some publishers do not allow their titles to be included in library collections. Additionally, limited funding restricts the State Library's ability to add bestselling titles.


Patron Access/Authentication

Each user must have an account with OneClick to download content. Users will be able to create their accounts once they have authenticated with their library card and PIN. After creating the account, users can go directly to http://wyomingstatewy.oneclickdigital.com to download audiobooks, and login with their account, or log in to any of the mobile apps using the OneClick user account. Follow the appropriate link on the Audiobooks page to either create the account for the first time, or log in as a returning user.


Can I download eBooks to my Kindle, Nook, or other eReader device?

The OneClick collection includes a limited number of classic eBooks. Explore other ebooks available to Wyoming library users on our digital content site at http://gowyld.net/econtent/. Statewide ebook programs include the Cloud Library and Total Boox. Project Gutenberg offers free downloads of many public domain eBook titles. Explore other free resources for audiobooks and ebooks at OpenCulture.Org, and remember to check with your local public library to see if they offer ebooks.


More questions?

Additional questions about this service should be addressed to ebooks@wyo.gov