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Freading eBooks

- Thousands of titles available, with new content added weekly.
- All books are always available and can be checked out for 14 days.
- Each user is allotted a number of tokens each week that can be used to download the books.
- Books range in token value from 1 to 4 tokens, with most newer titles being 4 tokens.

- Attention Kindle Fire users


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To use Freading:




Android App (Android 2.2 or later)
iOS (Apple) App
Using the Freading apps
If prompted for a ZIP code, enter 82001


What are tokens?
Tokens are a virtual currency that you use to exchange for downloads. The library gives you a weekly allotment which appears in the upper right corner of the Freading website after you login. When you choose a book, the amount of tokens labeled on the book is deducted from your account. When you log in, you will see how many tokens you have used of the total alloted. E.g. Tokens 2/20 indicates that you have used 2 of your twenty tokens for the week.

The amount of tokens required for each book varies, but is usually 4, 2, or 1 token.

Unused tokens roll over each week for a four week period. At the end of the four week period, unused tokens are cleaned out of your account, except for your original weekly allotment. Books that you have downloaded previously will not cost any additional tokens to renew.


Need Help?

Kindle Fire users : stability and performance issues have been indentified with the Freading app for Kindle Fire. These issues have been reported to Freading technical support, but there is no word on a fix as yet. Kindle Fire users may no longer be able to use the Freading service.