Cloud Library - Desktop Apps Overview

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What is the Windows PC or Mac OS app?

The desktop app provides all the same functions as the mobile apps, but you can also transfer books to eReaders if you prefer.


You must have a WYLD library card and your PIN to use this service. (Contact your local public library if you need a library card)
If you have your card, but do not know your PIN, you may request it here.

An Adobe ID. The Cloud Library will detect if you have already registered your PC or device with an Adobe ID and will use that information to manage the digital rights for ebook files. If you do not have an Adobe ID, one can be provided for you. However, for the best experience with Cloud ebooks and transfering from a Windows PC or Mac to a device, you should create an Adobe ID and install Adobe Digital editions before installing the Cloud PC App.
Get Adobe Digital Editions | help with Adobe.


Step 1 - Download & Install

Go to https://www.yourcloudlibrary.com and click on the link for the Windows or Mac app

The screen will refresh with more information about the app, including supported operating systems, readers, memory and more.

Follow the instructions on the Cloud website to install the software for your type of computer.


Step 2 - Setup

During the setup you will need to select the United States, Wyoming, and Wyoming Libraries.

Enter your library card and PIN.

If you have previously installed Adobe Digital Editions and authorized it with your personal Adobe ID, then the app will recognize that ID.

Once the application has been installed, a desktop shortcut will appear labeled 'cloudLibrary'.


Step 3 - Using the Desktop App

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