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How do I use the Cloud Library?

You will need your WYLD library card and PIN. You card must be in good standing (not expired, barred or blocked).
Contact your local public library if you need a library card.
If you have your card, but do not know your PIN, you may request it here.

Option 1 - Use the mobile apps:

  iOS (Apple devices) (version - 3.1.5) - user guide
  Android devices & Nook Android tablets (version - 3.1.9) - user guide
  Kindle Fire & Fire HD - (latest version - 3.0.12)
    * Not compatible with standard Kindles or the Kindle Paperwhite.
  Chromebook (search the Chrome web store for cloud library - install guide)
  Nook Color & Tablet * Mobile app no longer available, sideload with PC App (see below)

Option 2 - Use the PC software or the Mac software to checkout and download books on your home computer. The PC or Mac software allows you to move the books to another device, like a Nook Tablet or Sony eReader.
Help with the PC app | Download the PC or Mac apps

For the best experience with ebooks and transfering from a PC to a device, you should create an Adobe ID. The Cloud Library will detect if you have already registered your PC or device with an Adobe ID and will use that information to manage the digital rights for ebook files. If you do not have an Adobe ID, the Cloud Library can provide one for you. help with Adobe IDs


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Known issues

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