Cloud Library - Troubleshooting the PC/Mac OS app


App does not start

If the PC app fails to start when you try to open it, try the following steps to get the program working again.

  1. Using your file manager (Windows Explorer or Mac equivalent) browse to your user diretory
  2. Find the file called 'AppData'. If you do not see the folder, it may be a hidden file.
    Windows directions to show hidden files:
    1. Turn on hidden files by going to the 'Tools' menu at the top of Windows Explorer.
    2. Select 'Folder Options' and then the 'View' tab
    3. Click the radio button for 'Show hidden files, folders, and drives' under the 'Hidden files and folders' option.
  3. Inside the AppData folder, find the folder labeled 'Roaming'
  4. Remove the folder labled '3MCloudLibrary' in the Roaming directory
  5. Close Windows Explorer and restart the application. You will need to reenter your libary information.

If this problem occurs frequently, uninstall the 3M PC App completely using Windows add/remove programs. Then follow the steps above to make sure that the <username>/AppData/Roaming/3MCloudLibrary/ directory is also removed. Reinstall the PC app and log in as usual.



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