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Cloud Library - Announcements & Known Issues (updated 10/2/2015)

Kindle Fire installation issues (October 2, 2015)
After a recent automatic upgrade to Kindle Fire, some versions of the Silk browser may not allow a user to open the downloaded file to install the Cloud app on their device. To work around this issue, install a file management app, such as ES File Explorer and use that app to open the *.apk file from the Kindle Fire installation page.


Apple (iOS) issues with browse categories (September 16, 2015)
After upgrading to iOS 9, the Cloud Library app does not allow users to browse categories. An update to the iOS app was released on September 30th to resolve this issue. Users experiencing problems with browse categories on iOS devices should update their Cloud app.


New Kindle Fire app available (April 2015)
An updated version (2.1.57) of the 3M app is now available for Kindle Fire tablets. Fire tablets will not prompt users for the update as the app is not available in the Amazon app store. Get the latest version of the app at http://www.3m.com/us/library/eBook/kindle.html


MacOS App update (March 30, 2015)
An update for Mac OS users was pushed out on March 31st, patrons who are users of the 3M Cloud Library Mac OS app will automatically receive an update to this version, which contains bug fixes, including compatibility for Mac OS 10.6 and 10.7. If patrons who need the new version do not automatically get the update, it will also be available for download from the 3M website at www.3m.com/us/library/eBook/mac.html. It is recommended that patrons who download and re-install the app uninstall any older versions of the app first.


3M Cloud - Android update (February 9th, 2015)
An update to the Android app for 3M Cloud has been made available in the Play store. This update includes:


3M Cloud - iOS update (January 30, 2015)
An update to the iOS app for 3M Cloud is available in the app store. This update includes bug fixes for the known issues introduced in version 2.1.24 and improvement in font display and bookmarking.


3M Cloud - iOS update enhancements and known issues (January 21, 2015)
The recent iOS update (January 2d - version 2.1.24) has provided several enhancements, including browse menu updates, a more intuitive reading layout, and an enhanced features menu. We also improved night view mode, the brightness control and table of contents viewing. The dictionary feature was updated and we made highlighting and copying text easier.


Update to iOS & Android app (updated - November 13th, 2014)
3M released an update to the Android app on September 26th, 2014 and an update to the iOS app was released on November 11th, 2014. Users can update this app on their Android devices using Google Play or the app store for iOS or find a link to the latest versions on the 3M site at http://ebook.3m.com. There are a number of changes to the user interface, including the ability to mark categories as favorites and a link to view more by an author when viewing the detailed title information of a book. The app has not yet been updated for Kindle Fire or Nook Color. (Nook tablets with access to Google Play will have the new update). Get the full user guide. Users may need to re-download books that are already checked out, but no data will be lost, such as bookmarks, holds and history.


User cannot log in to the Cloud Library
If you are unable to log in, contact your library to see if your library card has expired or has a barred or blocked status. Although the Cloud library does not always provide an error message as to why a log in attempt has failed, the most common cause is that the user's card is not valid because it has expired or has a blocked status.


Cannot open book after updating account
If your library account becomes blocked due to an expired card or fines, for example, you will no longer be able to open checked out content in the Cloud. After clearing your account, if you are still having problems opening books in the Cloud, try logging out of the Cloud app completely and closing the app. When you restart the app, you will need to reenter your library information. While not usually necessary, it may also help to restart your device or reinstall the Cloud app. If you still encounter errors when trying to use the Cloud after taking these steps, please contact your local public library for assistance.


User cannot log in or check out content using a Samsung Galaxy 3 tablet (2/21/2014)
Updates to patron data or the 3M app may cause the Galaxy 3 date/time settings to be reset. If the date/time is not accurate on a device, then you will not be able to check out ebooks. If you experience issues starting the app or checking out books, check that your date/time settings are correct.


Transfer problems with some devices
Some eReaders have software that blocks transfers from the 3M Cloud Library for PC. Users with newer Sony eReaders have reported this problem. The book checks out in the PC software and the device is detected, but the transfer does not work. These steps should solve this problem.


Nook software update removes digital rights for library ebooks
Some users have experienced problems opening books on Nook devices or transferring new ones after purchasing a book from Barnes & Nobel or updating their B&N account settings. If you have purchased content on your Nook, you may temporarily lose access to it by using the following instructions, but purchased books can be downloaded again from your Barnes & Noble account.

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