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3M Cloud Library - Transfering books to a Kindle Fire
(and other Android devices)

If your tablet will not work with the mobile app, you may be able to transfer an ebook from your computer to the tablet. You must install a reading app on your device, then transfer the book from your computer using the 3M Cloud Library App. Other free reading apps may also work as long as they allow you to register them with an Adobe ID, but the ones in this solution have been tested and work well with the 3M service. *If these instructions do not work for the Kindle Fire, try manually transferring the epub file using these instructions

  1. Install eReading app on the device

    Aldiko Reader for Kindle Fire: follow these instructions to install

    Aldiko Reader for other Android devices: Google Play/Android Market | Amazon Appstore for Android
       *You may also use the free Nook for Android App available from Barnes & Noble for other Android devices - download here


  2. Set Up on the Computer

    Make sure Adobe Digital Editions is installed. Get Adobe Digital Editions
    You will also need to make sure that the Adobe ID that you have registered the eReading app on your device matches the one on your PC.

    Install the 3M software for PC from http://ebook.3m.com


  3. Transfer to Device

    Connect your device to the computer with its USB cable.

    Open the 3M Cloud library software

    Check out a book and then open the 'My Books' tab in the PC Software

    If your device is connected properly, a 'transfer to device' message will appear on the book jacket cover on the 'My Books' tab for all of your checked out books. Click on the book to transfer it

    Properly eject the device from the computer.


  4. Reading on the device

    If using Aldiko, open that app and then choose 'Files'.

    Then choose 'Digital Editions'

    Choose the book title and tap 'open' in the upper left corner

    If you do not see the book you just transferred, make sure that you have registered your Adobe ID in the Aldiko app by tapping on the menu icon (bottom of the app, the icon looks like a page with lines on it) and then choosing settings

    Learn more about Aldiko

    Note that Freading users may see the 3M Cloud books in their Freading app on the Kindle Fire, but testing has shown that a more fully featured reading app like Aldiko provides a better experience overall with 3M eBooks.


  5. Finished with the book?

    You can return it early or wait for the rights to read it have expired (you are encouraged to return books early, when possible!).

    If you want to return the book early, then you will need to log in to your Cloud account using one of the 3M apps and then select 'check in' from your book shelf.

    To remove books from the device, open the Aldiko app and select 'list view' from the home screen. Open the "More" icon (down arrow in a circle) to the right of a book title and then select the 'Delete' icon.

    You can also delete a book by connecting the Fire to your PC and using Windows Explorer to browse to the Kindle's Digital Editions folder to find the file.

    This action will only delete the book file from the device, not from the Digital Editions folder on your PC. See this help file for more instructions on file cleanup.


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