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Video guide to new App design (April 2019)

Known Issues

User Guide for Mobile Apps | User Guide for PC/MacOS app

Common error messages

Adobe activation reset

Library card update to link your Cloud Account

Frequent questions

Returning books & file cleanup

Email notification setup

Help with Adobe IDs

A note for authors


Get the mobile or desktop apps

  iOS (Apple) | User Guide

  Android | User Guide

  Chromebook | install guide

  Kindle Fire & Fire HD **Fire users are not prompted for updates.

  Nook Tablets

  Windows PC and tablets *To read or transfer to an eReader
  Mac OS *To read or transfer to an eReader


PC/Mac Software Help (read on a computer or transfer to an ereader)

PC app Basics

Transfering books to a device

Take the Desktop App Tour


Still need help?   Cloud library support site or email ebooks@wyo.gov.